Radio Promotion Top Four Necessities For Getting Your Single On The Radio

Published: 22nd September 2011
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Its the day every musician fantasizes about. The day they get to hear their song coming through the speakers of their car radio. Not every musician gets to make this dream come true. Many things go into getting your music radio ready. You have to make sure your record meets radios standards. As well insure that your business end is taken care of so you can reap the benefits of radio play. Here are 7 essential things every recording artist needs to do to in order to achieve that goal of hearing themselves over the airwaves.

1 - Make good music: No matter how badly you want to hear yourself on the radio, if the music isn't great then you can forget about it. Spend time perfecting your sound and musical skills.

2 - Properly mixed: If your song is great but the mix is bad you can forget about getting it played on the radio. Just tracking the songs, pushing the faders up, and treating all things equal is the worst thing you can possibly do for a mix. How well your song is mixed can make or break your chances of hearing your voice on the airwaves.

3 - Edited for Radio: In music, a radio edit is a modification to make a song more suitable for airplay. Common adjustments are made for profanity, subject and even the length of a song.

4 - Radio servicing: These are companies that you can hire who have strong connections with the DJ and program directors of radio stations. They can get your music in the hands of people who have the final decision on what music will be played. If its not already I suggest you add this to your recording budget if youre serious about hearing your single over the airwaves. A very reputable company for this is is MP3WAXX.COM

5 Copy right your material: This will ensure your creative material is protected from theft. There are countless stories of up and coming artists dealing with their songs being blatantly stolen. You put a lot of work into your art form, it only makes sense cover your bases when comes to protecting your product.

6 Set up publishing: Set up publishing for your music if you plan on being a financially successful musician. When you set up your publishing no one can play your song without you receiving money for it. When another company or band wants to play your song, they come pay you, this grants them a license to play your song. The three major publishing companies for music are BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP. You need to have your publishing in place to reap the benefits of your record being played on the radio.

7 Register with Nielsen BDS: BDS is a service that tracks monitored radio, television and internet airplay of songs based on the number of spins and detections. Encoding your song with this company will help you get your song on the radio and get you paid through your publishing company. A lot of artists have hit songs and dont realize how to encode them for radio. Just dropping your music off at the radio station is not enough.

As stated in the beginning, a lot goes into getting your music on the radio. You can achieve your dreams of a hearing yourself on the radio. Making sure the matters mentioned in this article are essential in making that dream come true.

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